Capital Carbon’s Recovered Carbon (rCB) is an environmentally responsible and cost effective alternative to virgin carbon black derived from End-of-Life Tyres (ELT).

Green Revolution – rCB production involves 79-84% lower emission of CO2 in comparison to Virgin Carbon Black

Green Revolution – use of rCB promotes Circular Economy and Sustainability where in a product is recovered and reused back in the system.

We have different technology thru which the different grades are produced and major difference identified in rCB produced from both above technology is in tint strength and tensile values.

  • CC RRubber Grade Application
  • CC PPaint/Pigment/Plastic Masterbatch
Quality Parameters UOM CC-R CC-P
Iodine Adsorption no. mg/gm 75-90 75-90
Nitrogen Surface Area m2/gm 65-75 55-65
DBP Absorption No. cc/100gm 100-120 85-100
Sieve Residue:
325 Mesh ppm <500 <500
100 Mesh ppm <100 <100
35 Mesh ppm Nil Nil
pH 6.75-7.75 6.75-7.75
Particle Size(d50) Micron <10 <5
Tint Strength 25+ 42+
Moisture (Heat Loss) % <1.25 <1.25
Silica (SiO2) % 8-11 8-11
Ash *# % 3-6 3-6
Physical form Powder Powder

*excluding Silica

#Ash content comprises of Zinc oxide, Calcium Carbonate and other filler material used while manufacturing of tyres