Capital Carbon’s Recovered Carbon categorization based on properties

Capital Carbon’s Recovered Carbon typically offers semi-reinforcing properties at economical prices.

For Colloidal Properties (specific surface area), under ASTM standard methodology, our Recovered Carbon belongs to N300 to N500 Carbon Black series.

For performance in reinforcing properties in rubber compound,  under ASTM standard methodology,our Recovered Carbon belongs to N600 to N700 Carbon Black series.

Capital Carbon’s Recovered Carbon potential substitution rate by application(Blending with Virgin Carbon)

Our carbon black can substitute for virgin carbon black at rates anywhere from 10% up to 100% . This chart shows some major applications and there potential substitution rates:

10% to 30% Substitution for Virgin Carbon Black

-> Passenger Car/Light truck tire tread

-> Heavy duty conveyor belts(mining) etc.

-> High Pressure Hoses

-> Transmission Belts

tyre tread through recovered carbon|CAPITAL CARBON  hose pipes through rCB|CAPITAL CARBON conveyor belt through Recovered carbon|CAPITAL CARBON Belt through rCB|CAPITAL CARBON

30% to 50% Substitution for Virgin Carbon Black

-> Industrial/Agricultural tire tread and carcass

-> Light/Moderate duty conveyor belts

-> Rubber sheeting/Geomembranes

-> Wire/Cable jacketing

-> Gaskets & seals

-> Rubber roofing

-> Passenger Car/Light truck tire sidewalls

-> Passenger Car/Light truck tire under treads

-> Passenger Car/Light truck tire body & belt plies

gaskets through carbon which is recovered black|CAPITAL CARBONsheet through carbon|CAPITAL CARBONbumper through Recovered Carbon Black|CAPITAL CARBONwire jacketing through recovered carbon|CAPITAL CARBON


50% to 100% Substitution for Virgin Carbon Black

-> Plastic Master Batch(for general plastic compounds)

-> Polyolefin Films(trash bags,agricultural films)

-> Plastic Pipes

-> Plastic Tanks

-> Newspaper Inks

-> Passenger Car/Light truck tire inner liners

-> Paints & Coating application

-> UV Stabilization

plastic master batch through recovered carbon black|CAPITAL CARBON  paint through recovered carbon|CAPITAL CARBON  tanks through recovered carbon|CAPITAL CARBON  ink toner through carbon black|CAPITAL CARBON